What Exactly Is a Bridesmaid's Luncheon?

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I am confused about the purpose of a bridesmaid luncheon, why should I host a party such as this?

What Exactly Is a Bridesmaid's Luncheon?

The bridesmaids' luncheon is a special event, hosted by the bride, that is held approximately one month prior to the wedding. The purpose of the bridesmaid luncheon is to allow the bride an opportunity to show each of the bridesmaids how much she appreciates all that they are doing or have done to assist with the planning, strategizing and all other necessary preparations for the upcoming wedding.

Bridal luncheons can be any type of celebration that the bride chooses to host for her attendants, ranging from a formal luncheon at a five star hotel to an afternoon picnic in a local park or zoo. The location is not as important as the reason for hosting this special luncheon in the first place, to honor the women and men that the bride has chosen to stand with her during her wedding ceremony.

Ideally, the members of the bridal party are close friends and family who already know each other and can spend the afternoon relaxing. However, if your bridal luncheon is also an introduction of friends from across the globe, there is no better situation than the bridesmaids' luncheon to enhance the sentiment of new friendships. Many people are confused by the term “bridesmaid luncheon” and wonder how it is different from the traditional and better known event, bridal shower.

While both the bridesmaids luncheon and the bridal shower are celebratory events that are related to the wedding, the bridal shower is an event intended to honor the bride and the bridesmaid's luncheon honors the brides wedding attendants. The bridesmaid luncheon provides the perfect opportunity to give each of the bridal party their bridesmaids gifts.



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