Bridal Attendant Gifts

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I am looking for a special bridal attendant gift to give each of my lifelong friends in my bridal party, any suggestions?

Bridal Attendant Gifts

As you plan your wedding, the support, understanding and strength of your bridal party members will become invaluable. As the bridal luncheon gets nearer, it will become important to locate gifts that express your gratitude and love for each of the women and men that you have chosen to stand with you on your wedding day.

For many, the bridal party will be made completely of women while others will ask brothers, childhood boy friends and other male relatives to stand with them. As weddings evolve, traditions and expectations change and are modified, today the traditional bridal party does not necessarily include men on one side and women on the other. With this in mind, buying the traditional bridal attendant gifts is not as easy as it once was and finding a unique bridesmaid gift is often easier said than done. However, a special way to recognize each member of your bridal party, whether male or female, is the give each bridal attendant a personalize photo frame of you both together.

Using a hinged double 4X6 frame, place a childhood or otherwise historical picture on the left hand side and place a more recent photo on the right hand side. This is a very emotional gift that visually states how important each person is in your life and how deeply you value them. When taking wedding photos, have individual shots taken with each member of the bridal party so that you can send each bridal attendant the wedding photo of your both together to place into the photo frame. This photographic imagery is the sentimental gift that says “I love you” each time your friend or family member looks at it.



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