Junior Bridesmaids

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I would like a special gift idea for my junior bridesmaids?

Junior Bridesmaids

Junior bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearers are all important parts of the wedding party but are all too often left out of the wedding attendant's parties that involve more adult entertainment and activities. However, a special luncheon with the bride and groom can be just the special thank you that the children would enjoy. Making arrangements with parents to meet the junior members of the bridal party at a location such as “Chuckee Cheese” or another children's favorite restaurant would provide a wonderfully celebratory location to enjoy lunch and deliver the junior bridesmaids gifts.

Remember, as you shop for special gift ideas for the junior members of your wedding party, that the gifts should be age appropriate to the intended recipient. Junior bridesmaids might enjoy music boxes, Bridal Barbie and Groom Ken or a porcelain statue of a bridesmaid or other wedding related theme. It is also quite possible that the children in the wedding party would enjoy a gift basket filled with art supplies, play-doh or snacks and candies. Remember the age of the child and consider what the best choice is for each child. The gifts for each junior bridesmaids do not have to match in appearance but they should always be within the same price range, preventing any tears or arguments later during your wedding.



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