Wedding Favors For Everyone

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Is wine an appropriate wedding favor?

Wedding Favors For Everyone

The best thing about having smaller weddings is that you probably know the guests a little better. If you're tenth cousin twice removed and all her children are at the wedding, you may not realize that alcohol is strictly off their menu choice. That's why it's a good idea, if you're going to have wine wedding favors, to offer other non-alcoholic choices that are as equally appealing. A personalized bottle of sparkling water is just as elegant as a fine bottle of wine, and it's also thoughtful.

Instead of trying to specifically target the people who prefer not to drink alcoholic beverages, set bottles of wine at every table along with a few bottles of sparkling water. That way, your guests can choose the wedding favors they'd like to have and nobody feels singled out.

To keep with the wine wedding favor theme, fill large glass bowls with fresh grapes and use them as wedding reception decorations.

If wine isn't your thing, there are all kinds of wedding favor ideas and nothing says you have to stick with one type of wedding favor for every guest. Fill a basket with a variety of wedding favors (wedding bubbles, for example, and other inexpensive wedding favors) and bring one to each guest. Have the guest pick his or her own wedding favor. It's a great time to say a few words to the guests, share a laugh, and thank them personally for being at your wedding.



11/19/2008 12:51:54 PM
Jessie said:

Great suggestion! My husband and I used personalized bottles of wine and non-alcoholic cider in our wedding and it was very classy (in my opinion!) We bought a few cases of our favorite wine and cider, bought personalized wine labels from, and applied the labels to create a really special effect. The tables looked beautiful and our guests loved the favors!


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