The Top of the Heap

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What can you put on the top of your cake?

The Top of the Heap

Chances are when you are picking out your wedding cake design; you're also going to be looking at the wedding cake toppers. Do you go for the traditional wedding cake topper of bride and groom or do you go for something more unique and reflective of whom you and the groom are? Picking out unique wedding cake toppers you might even choose your wedding cake toppers based on what flavors are hidden under the layers of frosting. Remember, wedding cakes are delicacies that offer an explosion of flavor like mousse-filled chocolate cake and raspberry cream cakes.

When choosing your wedding cake toppers you can also reflect the theme and décor of your wedding and wedding reception. Some fun ideas for wedding cake toppers include:

  • Disney Characters
  • Pocket Dragons
  • Motorcycles
  • Decorative flowers
Wedding cake toppers in Bermuda are actually small green trees. The tree is then planted after the wedding in the backyard of the newlyweds. The idea is that as the tree grows, so does the marriage. You can make just about anything into your wedding cake toppers; it just takes a little thought and foresight. Take notes on your ideas and talk to your baker about them, but be prepared to listen to their advice.



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