The Groom's Cake

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What is a groom’s cake?

The Groom's Cake

Wedding cakes in the Southern part of the United States actually refers to two cakes – the traditional wedding cake that is cut by the bride and groom and served to the guests and the Groom's Cake. The most famous groom's cake in popular culture is likely the red Armadillo groom's cake served at Shelby's wedding in the film Steel Magnolias.

The groom's cake is based on the legend that pieces of the cake are placed in boxes for unmarried female guests to take home and place under their pillow. The hope is that when they sleep they will dream of the man who will eventually be their husband. Of the wedding cakes served, it was the groom's cake that is traditionally served to the bridesmaids by the groom himself along with a glass of wine. Other traditions have the groom's cake as being saved and served to friends during the first dinner party after the couple returns from their honeymoon.
If you elect to add a Groom's Cake to your order for wedding cakes, here are a few suggestions:

  • The groom's cake design should be based on the interests of the groom, so if he's a computer programmer it might be in the shape of a computer; if he's a sport's enthusiast, it might resemble a baseball or football
  • The groom's cake is usually a surprise that the bride presents the groom with on their wedding day
  • The cake flavor and style is completely up to the bride or planner who is ordering it. Some couples use the Groom's cake as the dessert served at the wedding rehearsal and it is still supposed to be a surprise for the groom



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