Titanium Wedding Rings

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Why choose titanium wedding rings?

Titanium Wedding Rings

The properties of titanium make it a great choice for a wedding ring. While gold and platinum are the more traditional choices, titanium wedding rings are much lighter in weight. A titanium wedding band weighs only a 1/3 of the weight of a gold wedding band. The lighter feel is often preferred by some. Also, the color is unique and reminiscent of stainless steel.

While titanium wedding rings are often marketed as scratch-resistant, don't be fooled – they do show scratches. The metal is very hard and durable. It can be scratched by abrasive elements like sandpaper, steel tools and rocks. However, titanium wedding rings can be polished up very quickly and have a beautiful shine after being cleaned.

The difficulty with titanium wedding rings is the valued durability of the ring also makes it harder to shape and resize. You must choose the right size of wedding ring and many women don't care for the titanium wedding band because if pregnancy or weight gain reshapes the size of their finger, they cannot just resize their wedding ring. The cost of titanium wedding rings is due to the labor intensive nature of shaping it and not the rarity of the metal.



5/9/2007 11:20:38 AM
Kris said:

My mother works in a jewelry store and I feel that one other thing should be said about titanium rings. Another drawback to the durability of titanium rings is that they cannot be cut from a finger. Statistically speaking, most people will not be in an accident requiring emergency removal of a ring (such as an emergency MRI on someone who's hand is swollen, etc.). Gold, silver, and platinum rings are cut off in emergency situations. Titanium, however, is too durable and instead the person's finger is sometimes cut off in emergency situations when the ring must be removed. Granted, losing a finger to save your life is reasonable, but avoiding titanium rings will avoid that possibility.
It is worth nothing, as tungsten rings are also growing in popularity, that tungsten is even stronger than titanium and it also cannot be cut from a finger.


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