Consider Customizing Your Engagement Ring

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Consider Customizing Your Engagement Ring

A custom engagement ring is one that is either created from a personal design or taking gems from one setting and putting them into another. Most women want a unique piece of jewelry and a custom engagement ring is very unique. For example, when shopping for an engagement you may look at antique shops to find an antique ring with a setting that you enjoy. You can purchase new gems to have put into the settings or you can take gems from another ring and have them reset into this new setting.

In most western societies, the cost of an engagement ring was usually measured against two weeks salary. In the 21st century, however, it is usually measured by two to three months' wages and thus offers a lot more room for creating a unique design, setting or customization. You can find engagement rings that are designed to fit into the wedding ring, creating a different ring from the engagement and wedding ring separately.



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