Ceremony Music is Fundamental

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How important is ceremony wedding music?

Ceremony Music is Fundamental

Even in more traditional weddings, the wedding music can be altered to suit the couple's tastes. For example, a band may play as the guests are arriving and participate in the bridal march. There may be hymns sung during the ceremony and another piece during the recessional.

Most often if a band is hired to do music during the wedding ceremony, they may very well roll over to play at the reception. The music is as important to the overall theme as the setting and ceremony type. Your choices may be limited by budgetary constraints. So it's good to familiarize yourself with local bands especially when you are planning your wedding ceremony music.

If you have friends or family in a band, there's a chance they may play the wedding for free or a nominal fee. Depending on the venue for the wedding, a choir might be available to perform during parts of the ceremony as the couple envisions it. It's important to realize that your selections of music are very important to their overall enjoyment of the ceremony.



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