Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry

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What should I keep in mind when selecting bridesmaid jewelry?

Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry

Selecting bridal jewelry is a part of wedding planning that is rarely talked about or shown. The jewelry is considered an accessory to the bridal clothes. Some brides may feel a bit overwhelmed at all of the little details that make up choosing their bridal gear, and picking out bridesmaid jewelry can increase that anxiety. Bridal jewelry may seem like a complicated series of decisions, but you can simplify the process by kepping the following thoughts in mind:

  • Bridesmaid jewelry can actually double as your bridesmaid gifts, especially if you are choosing a specific style of necklace and earrings. You can present the jewelry in gift boxes and ask that they wear it when getting ready for the wedding.
  • Always check about skin allergies to different metals.
  • Remember the rules of accenting the style of dress, shape of face and hairstyle when picking out their jewelry.
  • If you plan for your bridesmaids to wear hair accessories such as combs, ribbons or headpieces, then the earrings need to coordinate with the hair accessories.
  • Keep the bridal jewelry for your bridesmaids simple, they should complement the bridesmaids wearing them, but not outshine you as the bride.
  • Keep in mind the size of the bridesmaid. Taller and larger women will need larger necklaces; this is very easy to plan for as most necklace extenders will allow you to create the same effect no matter the size of the original necklace.
  • Don't worry about going for real stones. Colored crystals and rhinestones look spectacular, especially if your bridesmaids are wearing very colorful dresses.
  • The jewelry for the maid of honor may be more elaborate than that of the bridesmaids and more in line with what the bride is wearing.
  • If you are choosing bridal jewelry for your flower girl, look for something floral in design. It's perfectly all right for a younger child to wear something completely different from the bridesmaids
  • Consider an adjustable necklace and a headpiece made of flowers for the flower girl, this will allow her to keep the necklace as a bridal gift and wear it for more years to come



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