The Wording of the Invitation Does Matter

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What’s the best wedding invitation wording to use for your wedding invitations? (Client Tip)

The Wording of the Invitation Does Matter

Weddings are about creating the perfect opening to the next chapter in the lives of the two people joining together. The wedding invitation wording reflects how they want to begin that chapter. Think of it as the preface to the story you are creating together. Tradition is a great thing; in fact it's more than a great thing. Tradition is a tradition for a reason – it's like beginning a fairytale with once upon a time, you know that it will have a happy ending. But every tradition has a beginning and you and your soon to be spouse are perfectly welcome to create your own tradition because this is about the two of you and your big day. So do what makes you both happy.

Traditional invitational wording : Mr. and Mrs. Parents of the Bride request the pleasure of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, bride's first name only, to Mr. Groom's Full Name at the place and location on the day, date and month and year at the time of day. Reception to follow at the location chosen.

Modern invitational wording: Once upon a time, a rogue stole the heart of a princess and together they are planning a journey to the most Magical Place on Earth to share their vows and commitment to each other … they would like you to join them on this escapade to find their happily ever after.



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