How Much Alcohol to Buy

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How much and what type of alcohol should be purchased for a party of 150 people?

How Much Alcohol to Buy

Any type of alcohol can be served at your wedding and the type that you choose should be based on your own personal tastes and those of your guests. The least expensive way to go is to serve only beer and wine, while the most expensive is to offer a full bar. An in-between option would be to have beer, wine and a “signature drink”. That way, you only have to pay for one type of liquor instead of many different types.
To determine how much alcohol to buy, you also have to figure into account whether your guests are generally heavy or light drinkers, as you would have to buy more alcohol to keep heavy drinkers pleased.
There is a great tool at Evite which helps you determine how much alcohol you should purchase. You simply enter the number of heavy, light and average drinkers you will have at your party, as well as the number of hours that your party will last, and it will automatically tell you how much alcohol to buy.
Keep in mind that many liquor stores will let you return unopened bottles. Look around for a store that has this policy.



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