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Question 1

You must put in everyone´s name that is in the wedding including your vendors?

You do not need to put in the vendors that help with your wedding such as cake baker, reception site, etc. Only if you have enough room, but it is not necessary.

Question 2

You should put your In Memory Of in your wedding program?

If you are doing a "in memory of" in your ceremony then you should include this in your program. A "in memory of" could be a candle burning to honor a loved one that has passed away or is unable to attend the wedding.

Question 3

Wedding Programs are not required at the ceremony?

Yes they are required
No they are not required
Wedding Programs are not a requirement at a wedding ceremony or even a wedding recepton. The purpose of a wedding program is so your guests will be able to follow what is taking place at your wedding. It is nice though to have a wedding program for each of your guests!!

Question 4

The Processional comes before the Recessional in a Wedding Program?

Yes, the Processional is the music that brings in the wedding party and it comes before the Recessional, which is the exiting of the wedding party!

Question 5

A Wedding Program should include all songs in the ceremony and the composers name?

Yes, any music that you have played at your wedding should consist of the song´s name and the composer that wrote the song. example: Processional Pachelbel´s Canon To see an actual sample wedding program, please visit the link below:

Question 6

You should put your vows in the wedding program?

You do not need to put your actual wedding vows into the wedding program. Putting your vows into the program is optional and only needed if you have space available!

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