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Question 1

If you don´t want children to attend your wedding, should you put that information on the invitation?

It depends.
If you want your wedding to be kids-free, make sure your invitations reflect that (i.e. address it to Mr. & Mrs., not ´Family´). If someone RSVPs with kids anyway, you´ll need to call and explain that it´s an adults-only function. It is never proper to have "No children" printed or written on the invitation.

Question 2

How do you address an invitation to a single person?

Just write their name (ex. Bob Jones)
Write their name with a title (ex. Mr. Bob Jones)
Put their names followed by ´and guest´ (ex. Mr. Bob Jones and Guest)
Put the name with title on the outside envelope, and their name with their date´s name on the inside (ex. Mr. Bob Jones; Mr. Jones and Ms. Carmichael)
When you address your invitations, try to avoid using "and guest" when you can. If you don´t know the name of the person coming with your invited guest, then call the person who will be receiving the invitation and ask what name should be used on the invitation. If you can´t find out, go ahead and use ´guest.´

Question 3

Whose names are included on the outside of the invitation to a child-friendly wedding?

Only the adult´s names.
The adult´s names, plus ´and family´ if they have children.
The adult´s names, plus their kids´ names.
Even if you´re inviting children to your wedding, only their parent´s names go on the outside envelope. You can include the children´s names on the inside envelope.

Question 4

Should you include registry information on the invitation?

Yes, it helps people know where to shop.
It´s up to the individual couple if they do or not.
No way, it´s tacky.
It´s extremely important that you not include registry information along with the wedding invitation---it´s very tacky. It is, however, perfectly fine to include registry info. with a shower invitation, since the purpose of the shower is to give gifts.

Question 5

How do you address an invitation to two people with different last names living at the same address?

Put the older person´s name first.
Put the younger person´s name first.
Put them in alphabetical order.
If you´re inviting two people who live at the same address but have different last names, list their names on separate lines on the invitation, in alphabetical order. For example, the outside envelope would read Mr. Gary Gray Ms. Britney Spears and the inside would read Mr. Gray Ms. Spears

Question 6

Whose names are listed in the invitation as being the people doing the inviting?

The bride and groom.
The bride´s parents.
The bride´s parents and the groom´s parents.
Whoever is hosting the wedding (i.e. whoever is paying for it).
Whoever is hosting the wedding has their names listed on the invitation, whether it´s the bride´s parents, the groom´s parents, both sets of parents, or the bride and groom themselves.

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