Wedding Gifts For Bridal Party

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What gift can I give my mom to say thanks for all her help?

Wedding Gifts For Bridal Party

Some alternatives to wedding gifts for your mom are a gift to thank her for helping you with your wedding. A trip to a beauty salon or day spa is always nice, and is something you can do together. A trip to a museum, a day at the zoo or botanical gardens, anything that allows you to spend time together is a great idea. You could also buy her perfume, jewelry, bath and body products, or a gift suited to her hobbies. Does Mom like gardening? Get her a gift certificate for a gardening catalog, or a gardening book. Is she always baking? You could give her those gourmet cookie sheets or mixing bowls she's always wanted. And there's always flowers---sending a beautiful bouquet is a perfect way to say thank you.



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