More Disposable Camera Rhymes - Wedding Reception Photos

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What poem can I leave with the disposable cameras?

More Disposable Camera Rhymes - Wedding Reception Photos

Here are some cute little poems to leave on notes with disposable cameras at your reception: 1) Take wedding reception photos of everyone! Maybe you'll see something We didn't see That we can keep as a memory! Thank you for sharing This special day with us. 2) To celebrate this special day, Pick a camera and really play. Leave it on the table when you are through, So [bride's name] and [groom's name] can develop the photos taken by you. 3) This camera's been provided so We'll have pictures of people we know. Take snaps, if you're able of friends on your table And leave it behind when you go!



6/26/2009 2:24:38 AM
Tres Morgan said:

Disposable cameras are a big waste of money! You are going to end up with 200 out of focus images of all your guests eating and getting drunk! You will more than likely end up with about 10 "alright" images that will cost you about $200 between the cost of the "cheap" cameras and developing. The one thing you have when all is said and done from that special day is your photos. Dont skimp and have Uncle Ed do your pics. Hire a professional photog with a good rep. If anything, have your pals send you digital images which will be better than anything you will get off disposable cameras. Such a BAD idea.


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