Creative Cake Toppers

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What do I put on top of my cake?

Creative Cake Toppers

Don't get stuck in that plastic figurine rut---use something unique on the top of your wedding cake. How about the porcelain or ceramic figurine from the top of your parents' or grandparents' cake? Fresh flowers, spun sugar designs, and marzipan figures also look great.



1/9/2007 9:27:08 AM
Hunter Vaughan said:

Custom Made Wedding Cake Toppers!! After all the energy put into the Wedding, crowning the Cake with a custom made fired clay caricature of Bride and Groom ensures a great response from all at the event, and a memorable heirloom of that most Special Day. Artists Hunter & Lois Vaughan will solve the problem of obtaining a most unique gift, a Wedding Cake Topper "personalized statuette" of the Couple incorporating their greatest passions,activities, interests,occupations, and so on. A miniature piece of art that will be treasured long after the Wedding Day commotion has settled down, and a reminder of that magical event in the years to follow. And so simple... call toll free 1 800 231 9814 and design it together with the artists over the phone...this is the fun and exciting way to create a one of a kind Wedding Cake Topper


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