Bridal Party Gifts for Those Who Deserve it the Most

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Should I give gifts to any friends or family members who help with wedding preparations?

Bridal Party Gifts for Those Who Deserve it the Most

These days, couples are scaling back their wedding expenses. Gone are the days of elaborate, over-the-top wedding extravaganzas. Unless you're a chart-topping pop star, the majority of couples are finding that it makes more sense to scale back on wedding preparations.

Look around and take inventory of the collective skills and talents your friends and family possess. When you channel into that kind of talent and energy, good things happen! With all of these people helping out before, during, and after the wedding, it's vital to buy superior best man gifts and bridal party gifts. These people truly deserve a “thank you” for a job well done.

The following are some talents you just might be able to tap into, with suggested gift items for that person:

  1. The handyman. This person can fix anything, including faulty video cameras or fountains that fail to spout water at the wedding reception. Make sure this guy is on hand with some tools tucked away nearby. He may not even be in the wedding party, but he'll still deserve wedding party gifts. A personalized cooler bag, framed sports-themed photograph, or engraved mug make good wedding party gifts.
  2. The caterer. There's always at least one friend or family member who loves to cook for large groups. Instead of hiring a professional caterer, save your money and enlist the help of this person. Fancy sandwiches, finger foods, salads, a deli plate, and beverages make a good start to an informal wedding reception. For this person, ask what they would charge. Unless they do this for a living, you're probably going to pay a lot less than you normally would. Bridal party gifts might not fit the bill, but make sure to buy a nice “thank you” gift like a set of fluted champagne glasses (engraved of course) or a personalized bottle of wine.
What other talents are there in your group of friends? Look around and you're sure to find someone who dabbles in photography, knows how to make the perfect wedding music mix, or whose strength is decorating like a pro. Don't be afraid to ask for help!



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