Bridal Jewelry Simplified

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How much bridal jewelry should I wear on my wedding day?

Bridal Jewelry Simplified

Nothing borrowed? Nothing new? Don't worry. Old wedding folklore and superstition can be put aside for your big day. It's perfectly acceptable to buy inexpensive or semi-precious bridal jewelry and bridal accessories. If saving money and following tradition is important, wear blue fresh water pearls on your wedding day. Fresh water pearls are much cheaper than their cultivated cousins, but look just as elegant.

Pearl bridal jewelry is fairly standard for most traditional weddings, but don't be afraid to break tradition. It's your day, and you should wear what suits you the most. Try to match your bridal jewelry to your personality and your dress. If the most jewelry you've ever worn is a pair of plain stud earrings, keep your bridal jewelry simple as well.

Your bridesmaids' jewelry should follow your lead. If you're wearing simple, understated bridal jewelry, the bridesmaids should have minimal jewelry as well. Sometimes a pair of pearl drop earrings is all you really need to complete the look.

Remember, with bridal jewelry less is often all you need.



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