Seasonal Wedding Attendant Gifts

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What are some good seasonal themed wedding favor gift ideas?

Seasonal Wedding Attendant Gifts

Although spring and summer are the most popular seasons for getting married, fall and winter can be beautiful times to wed as well. If you've chosen a fall or winter wedding, try to stick with the theme when choosing wedding party favors and wedding attendant gifts.

For a fall wedding, consider wedding attendant gifts that speak to the season. Crisp, vibrant colors and items that bring to mind a fun, cheery day are great places to start. Consider these wedding party gifts for a fall wedding:

  • Fall-themed drink coaster wedding favors
  • Autumn candle holder wedding favors
  • Leaf-shaped soap
  • Fall leaf cookie cutter wedding favors
A winter wedding theme should follow the same guidelines when it comes to giving out wedding party favors. Look for items that capitalize on the winter theme. Consider these great winter wedding attendant gifts:

  • Snowman candles
  • Snowflake bookmark wedding favors
  • Personalized “A Winter Holiday Muffin Mix”
  • Snowflake-shaped soap
  • Personalized hot chocolate gift packages
Your guests will be thrilled with the gorgeous wedding party favors you've chosen based on your seasonal wedding theme.



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