Priceless and Creative Bridesmaid Gifts

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How can I turn a cheap bridesmaid gift into something priceless?

Priceless and Creative Bridesmaid Gifts

Let's face it, not every bride and groom can afford a celebrity-style wedding. If you're planning a wedding on a tight budget, try to put as much money into the wedding itself, and less into the gifts. Yes, bridesmaids gifts are very important, but there's a way to take really inexpensive bridesmaids gifts and turn them into something poignant.

This is what you do…

Let's say that all you can afford for bridesmaids gifts are hairclips. Not a package of hairclips for each bridesmaid, but a single hairclip. You may have to get a little crafty here, but by attaching that hair clip to a fine piece of stationary (scented, parchment, and in the same color scheme as your wedding), together with a hand-written poem, romantic quote, or even just the date of your wedding with your names and a hand-written “Thank you” on it, suddenly turns these cheap bridesmaid gifts into something really special.

By adding your own handwritten notes, quotes, dates, signatures, and special talents (are you a writer? Write your own thank-you poem!), you can easily create priceless and creative bridesmaid gifts.



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