The Best Bridesmaid Gifts EVER

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What would make a unique but practical bridesmaid gift?

The Best Bridesmaid Gifts EVER

The modern bridesmaid doesn't want the kind of gift her great-grandmother would like. She wants something unique, fashionable, and practical. Haute couture handbags and shoulder bags make great bridesmaid gifts. Even if your budget dictates that you substitute “faux” for “haute” – you'll still be in your bridesmaids' good graces. Who wouldn't want a stylish, colorful handbag as a gift?

With prices ranging anywhere from just under $20 to $40, you can buy some pretty fancy celebrity-inspired bags! You'll have your bridesmaids feeling like Eva Longoria on a shopping spree with woven bags, leather-look strappy bags, or even something nautically inspired.

Bridesmaids' gifts are a way to say “thank you” to your friends for supporting you and helping out on the most important day of your life. Don't spend your first anniversary talking about your bridesmaid gift horror stories. The best bridesmaid gift ideas are ones that are personal yet practical. Nothing says personal and practical like a handbag. We're talking fun, neutral, politically-correct (who could be offended by a handbag?) gifts for bridesmaids.

It's supposed to be bad luck to give a purse without any money in it, so be sure to tuck a dollar bill inside first. Want to personalize the gift even further? Add a personal, hand-written note to the inside of the handbag. Excited? You should be! These are going to be the best bridesmaid gifts ever.



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