A Great Way to Bring Friends Together

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My groom and I are both uninterested in attending the traditional bachelorette and bachelor parties, is there something else we might do instead?

A Great Way to Bring Friends Together

If you and your groom are both uninterested in participating in bachelor and bachelorette parties, why not consider a combined “thank-you” event for your wedding attendants? Traditionally held for the bridesmaids as a Bridesmaid Luncheon, this event is a special time that focuses on the love, support and friendship provided by the bridal party during the preparations and organization of the wedding.

Combined bridal party luncheons or wedding attendant luncheons, can be a fun way to introduce the wedding party to one another, create a festive atmosphere as the wedding gets closer and can help to create new friendships before the day of your wedding. This is a wonderful time to deliver the wedding attendant gifts to each member of the bridal party.

For many bridal couples, the idea of bringing their childhood friends, business associates and relatives together as members of their wedding party can seem a bit intimidating as not everyone knows one another; hosting a combined wedding attendant luncheon provides the perfect format for introductions, building of new friendships and a great way to relax together before the wedding date.

It is traditional to host the wedding attendant luncheon within a month of the wedding date. However, if many of your bridal party have to travel a great distance to attend the wedding, it would be best to schedule the luncheon within two or three days of your wedding.



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