Holiday Wedding on a Budget

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I woulud love a Christmas wedding but worry that it might send me over my wedding budget, what do you think?

Holiday Wedding on a Budget

If you are trying to plan a wedding on a limited budget, consider holding your wedding during the Christmas holiday season. Holiday weddings are a beautiful expression of love and are often less expensive to plan. Many Churches colorfully decorate their chapels to reflect the holiday, including the warm red color of poinsettias, soft green of the Christmas trees and the colorful lights and brightly colored decorations upon each Christmas tree all combine to create an environment that is festive and cozy. With this in mind, a Christmas wedding theme is the natural theme for any holiday wedding that is held in December.

As you plan your wedding, many of the decorating expenses will be greatly reduced due to the decorations that are already provided by the church in which your wedding will be held. Using the churches entertainment hall for your reception could also reduce your decorations expenses as this room is often decorated by the church as well. Even with expenses greatly reduced, there are often many hidden expenses that can send you over budget so it is important that you shop for creative ideas and solutions to financial challenges.

Wedding attendant gifts are an expense that need not break your budget, a creative holiday themed wedding attendant gift is the sterling silver engrave able picture frame Christmas ornament. This Christmas ornament can be personally engraved with your names and wedding date and can hold a picture of each individual member of the bridal party with the bride and groom. This picture can then hang upon their Christmas tree as a special memento of your wedding and friendship. A unique wedding attendant gift such as the Christmas tree ornament frame becomes a treasured memory to last a lifetime.



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