Wedding Events: Think Golf

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My groom and I would like to host our individual parties for our attendants as one combined event, so that our friends can meet and we can all get to know one another before the day of the wedding, is this okay?

Wedding Events: Think Golf

Today, couples are worrying less about etiquette and more about having the wedding and wedding events that reflect their personal style. If you and your groom are considering a couples bridal shower and other combined events, why not host a bridal party luncheon and honor both the male and female attendants at the same time. For many couples, the bridal party is a mixed group on both sides of the alter, with sisters standing up next to their brother, the groom and many brides having their brothers stand in for the traditional maid of honor.

Wedding celebrations and the traditionally accompanying parties such as bridal showers and bridal party luncheons were once events only attended by the bride's attendants. However, today bridal parties all across America are changing the list of invitees and combining the once traditional male and female parties into a combo package that includes all the wedding attendants at one event.

If you are trying to decide where to host your combined bridal party luncheon, what about a miniature golf course? The miniature golf course provides a great opportunity to introduce the bridal party to one another, is standard with the over-the-top fun environment designed to create memories and friendships, and at the same time and allows the bride and groom the opportunity to deliver the special wedding attendant gifts to say “thank you."



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