The Hunt For Those Unique Bridal Party Gifts

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Can a treasure hunt be used at a bridal party to get the guests to find their own gifts?

The Hunt For Those Unique Bridal Party Gifts

Here's an idea that'll get your bridal party acting like kids again; hold a treasure hunt. You can do this as part of the bachelor or bridal party, throw in a few alcoholic drinks, a treasure map for each of the guests, and send them on their way. Part of the gift is in the fun they'll have, but the tangible part of the gift is what's waiting for them in their treasure chest. After buying a bunch of unique wedding party gifts, stash them in a “treasure chest” and hide the chest somewhere. Could be indoors or outdoors. Make sure to supply plenty of food and drinks to keep their energy levels up! You can do this a few different ways by either giving each guest their own map to a treasure, or everyone the same map to the same treasure chest. If you're going with the latter idea, make a rule that says the first person to the chest gets to pick the gift they want.

Make sure to buy small wedding party gifts that are easy to hide. Things like candles, coasters, novelty mugs, slippers, lighters, small picture frames, and candle holders make good gift ideas. Throw in a few gag gifts for laughs if you want. Everybody loves a rubber chicken and, while you're at it, why not toss in a few whoopee cushions? Sure it's a little juvenile, but after a few drinks on a treasure hunt, your guests have every right to sink into that mode, and so do you! It's called inexpensive stress therapy. Have fun and don't forget to take pictures of the day.



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