Very Unique Bridal Party Gifts

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Can you give me an idea for a really unique bridal party gift idea?

Very Unique Bridal Party Gifts

Stop stressing! You've probably spent more sleepless nights than you should trying to come up with the perfect and completely unique bridal party gifts. Do your bridesmaids a favor and get them each something they'll be able to use…self-defense classes! If you're opting for a less traditional wedding theme, forget the pink bunny slipper bridal favors, give the ladies something that will make them safer citizens. No doubt your bridesmaids have never been to a wedding, or been involved in a wedding, where the bridesmaids received unique bridal party gifts like this. If you like this idea and want to go for it, here are a few suggestions or guidelines to consider:

1)Location. If all of the bridesmaids live in the same area, finding a common place to take self-defense shouldn't be hard. On the other hand, if your bridesmaids live in completely different areas, you might have to do a little research to find classes.

2)Physical fitness. Anyone can take self-defense classes, but not everyone wants to. Sometimes people feel they're too old, too big, or too small to take self-defense classes. For those people, you might want to give them a one day pass to try out a self-defense class, or give them the option of trying out something else like Pilates or Yoga.

3)Membership. Do you want to pay for a full year membership to a gym where self-defense classes are an option, or would you rather buy something short-term, but specific only to self-defense for women? Giving unique bridal party gifts like this are only well-received when it's obvious the giver had the recipient in mind. There are lots of ways you can tailor the idea to make the gift a success. When you're picking out classes, don't forget to consider any physical limitations or health/mental issues that might stop one of your bridesmaids from making the most out of the gift.



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