Unique Bridal Party Gifts For A Winter Wedding

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What type of bridal party gifts can I get that work with a winter themed wedding?

Unique Bridal Party Gifts For A Winter Wedding

When you think of a winter wedding, you think of snow-capped trees, crisp fresh air, and twinkling snowflakes. If you could custom order your wedding weather, that's exactly what you'd pick. No wind. No ice. Just a sunny day where everything is white and beautiful and nobody gets cold feet (pun intended).

Of course, being a realist, you know that the possibility of that happening is slim. So, when you're shopping for unique bridal party gifts, buy weddings gifts that have a wild winter wedding theme. At bridal sites, you'll be able to buy things like snow globes or snowflake candles. But, if you're looking for alternative gift ideas for your winter wedding theme consider some of these options:

-Give everyone in your bridal party a bag of road salt and a shovel and tell them no snow storm could possibly keep them from getting to the wedding on time!

-Give the bridal party personalized ear muffs, mittens, and a car windshield ice scraper.

-Think ICE. Give bridal party gifts that need to be frozen (specialty ice cream), chilled (bottles of wine) or kept refrigerated (skin products made from products with an expiration date).

You can't control the weather but you can still have fun with the winter theme.



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