Wedding Gifts For Mom

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Is it okay to give my mother a wedding gift that's as non-traditional as my wedding?

Wedding Gifts For Mom

Wedding gifts for mom fall into two categories: gifts for the bride's mom and gifts for the groom's mom. What you get them for gifts should symbolize your appreciation for all they've done for you over the years and should also reflect their individual personalities. If all your mom has ever wanted was a big glass paper weight with your wedding date engraved on it, then your search is over. Chances are, that's not the case.

Mother's sometimes envision a dream wedding for their daughters, something large, lavish, and traditional. If that's the case, try to stick with traditional wedding gifts for your mother. Sure she's happy for you, but she may not be really comfortable with the whole idea of a beach wedding, a wedding under the stars, or any other kind of non-traditional wedding ceremony that doesn't resemble her cultural values. Because she just wants you to be happy, she's going to sit on that beach (or wherever) beaming with pride. However, she may not be smiling anymore if you try to give her a non-traditional gift like a conch shell bikini! She'll appreciate something she can use, so keep her hobbies in mind when you pick out the wedding gifts. For example, she might like a personalized leather wallet, engraved gold watch, crystal earrings, or even a personalized golf set. If you'd describe your mother as “earthy”, give her something unique like a pair of shoes made from 100% recycled material and an organic cotton t-shirt. The key is to keep both mother's feelings, likes and dislikes in mind when shopping for their wedding gifts.



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