Pre-Wedding Bridal Accessories

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What exactly qualifies as a bridal accessory?

Pre-Wedding Bridal Accessories

Everyone knows that the wedding day is what all the fuss is about. All of the planning, saving, spending, partying, celebrating and promising boil down to that one day. Of course, that day is going to be crazy. It'll go by in a blur, so you want to make sure you slow down at least once before the wedding to enjoy some time with your friends. When you're planning on bridal accessories, don't forget the pre-wedding down time. Bridal accessories like personalized slippers and bathrobes are a nice touch for your bridesmaids and they double as bridal party favors as well. Other pre-wedding bridal accessories that you and your bridesmaids can enjoy include:

  1. Funny calendars or comic strips. Take some time to share a laugh.
  2. Snacks, and lots of them. Indulge in some of the things you've deprived yourself of these past few months . Personalized bathing suits will look fine on you and your bridesmaids as you spend a day by the pool.
  3. Come up with your own slogan and have it personalized on t-shirts for you and your bridesmaids to wear. Better yet, get some plain t-shirts, a ton of glitter, stencils, and fabric paint, and spend an evening creating your own personalized t-shirts.
  4. Hair and makeup kits. Put together some quality kits for your bridesmaids to use before, on the day of, and after the wedding. Anything that'll help smooth the transition from single to married, whether it's something for a party, cushy bathrobes, or personalized slippers to relax in, should be considered essential bridal accessories.



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