Big Bridal Jewelry

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What kind of bridal jewelry should I wear?

Big Bridal Jewelry

Big is beautiful, right? So why not go big and beautiful on your wedding day with the biggest, roundest, brightest bridal jewelry you can find. Keep the outfits simple but the bridal jewelry over-the-top with huge colorful bangles, multi-colored beaded necklaces, and hoop earrings to match. Hey, if you're going to go with the theme, you may as well really go with it. If you're not really interested in beads and baubles, then go with something else that suits you. Instead of one strand of pearls, go with four or five strands of pearls. Tuck the delicate gold chain away for another day and add bronze, silver, or gold chunky layers to that swan-like neck of yours. You don't have to out-do your bridesmaids either. They may not be wearing the same dress (or wedding outfit) as you are, but they can still carry the big chunky theme with you down the aisle.

Don't worry about the expense because it's perfectly okay to go with cheap bridal jewelry, as long as it doesn't look cheap. You're obviously not going to want to get your bridal jewelry from a candy dispenser, but if you do some searching around at different bridal sites, you should be able to find what you're looking for at discount prices.



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