Wedding Accessories For Non Traditional Weddings

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What kind of wedding accessories can I use for a non-traditional wedding?

Wedding Accessories For Non Traditional Weddings

Let's face it, not everyone is into the traditional white wedding gown complete with tightly bunched yellow roses and a jaunty little girl following behind with rose petals in a basket. Some of us are into black strapless dresses, biker-chic leather boots and pixie haircuts. If you're that kind of girl, you might want to add the following wedding accessories to your list of things to buy:

1) Leather cuffs instead of dainty bracelets.

2) False eyelashes – glittery or jet black.

3) Forget pearl bridal jewelry, think onyx or sapphire.

4) Bring back a hint of the 80's with a glittery head-band.

5) Not sure what to do with your hair? Try a funky wig!

6) Music. Whatever kind of music that speaks to you.

You're inviting your friends and family to celebrate your wedding and it should reflect your personality. Don't weird-out your friends by showing up looking and acting like somebody they've never met.

Chances are your wedding location will be as non-traditional as your wedding dress accessories so make sure to add the final touches to the décor. Accessories for outdoor weddings could include anything from strategically placed faux black crows to dozens of kites tied to trees on a windy day. Indoor wedding accessories might be limited, depending on what you want. It's always best to check with the owner of the land or property before getting your heart set on something.



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