Custom Bridal Jewelry

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How can I find unique bridal jewelry?

Custom Bridal Jewelry

Your bridal jewelry doesn't have to be purchased from a bridal shop. In fact, if you're having a really non-traditional wedding (gothic, for example) you're probably going to have to get your bridal jewelry customized for the occasion. It's easy to find traditional pearl earrings and necklaces, but to find really unique bridal jewelry to match your wedding theme, have a look at these ideas:

-Raid your grandmother's attic. This is a great idea if your wedding theme is staged in a completely different era for example, Victorian times. Your grandmother (or other relatives) might have some costume jewelry on hand that she's willing to lend you to use as bridal jewelry.

-Have a look in second-hand clothing shops. Sometimes they'll have bins or buckets of cheap bridal jewelry or everyday jewelry that might fit into your wedding theme.

-Have a look at different bridal sites because they might just have the perfect bridal jewelry based on what you're looking for.

If you're raiding your grandmother's attic, don't forget to look for stuff your husband-to-be or groomsmen could use too. That way, you carry theme to everyone in the bridal party, not just the bride or the bridesmaids. Who knows…you might even find a vintage wedding dress or other vintage clothes to wear at the reception.



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