One of A Kind Wedding Favor Bags

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What are some good ideas for unique wedding favor bags?

One of A Kind Wedding Favor Bags

Anyone who has been to a traditional wedding has seen the tiny little boxes containing a candy or two, or those soft white lace sachet bags filled with mints. But you're looking for something different, aren't you? Tiny boxes are elegant, cute, and fun, but they're not very practical, are likely to get lost in your purse, and usually end up getting ripped, wet, or stomped on during the dance or wedding reception. So why not come up with your own, unique wedding favor ideas? It's not that hard to do, especially if you're willing to push the boundaries (just a little!) beyond traditional wedding favor bags. For example, you could:

-Wrap a single long, tapered candle inside corn husks. Tie it with raffia (you can buy it wherever retailers sell art & craft supplies) to complete the natural look.

-Head out to a used clothing store and buy clothes (jackets, shirts, etc.) with sturdy pockets in them. It doesn't matter what the clothing looks like, because you're just going to cut the pockets out of them. Fill the pockets with wedding favors for really unique wedding favor bags!

-Paper lunch bags. You can go over-the-top by creating bride & groom hand puppets with them, or just keep them simple with a strategically placed bow and a personalized stamp with your wedding date on it. Put a small bottle of liqueur or wine into each bag to finish off the gift.

-Makeup bags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It shouldn't be too hard to find makeup bags that match your wedding theme (at least in terms of color). Place a few individually wrapped bath salt cubes, novelty soaps, or personalized bottles of hand cream into each bag.

-Handkerchiefs. Buy boxes of cotton handkerchiefs and make sachets scrunching all four ends together with ribbon. Consider making small slits in the fabric and weaving the ribbon through so that it won't slip off. A tea candle or votive would fit perfectly under the folds of the handkerchief and the guest goes home with two gifts in one.

As you can see, one of a kind wedding favor bags are only as limited as your imagination, the amount of time you have, and the amount of expense you're willing to take on.



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