Winter Wedding Favors

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What are some good ideas for winter wedding favors?

Winter Wedding Favors

If you're getting married in the crisp winter months, start thinking about the kinds of winter wedding favors you're going to give. Do you want to give warmth inducing wedding favors, or something that really reminds you of winter? Real snowballs obviously aren't going to make lasting wedding favors, but what about a personalized glass snowball? Personalized icicles are another idea that could work. On the other hand, if you're thinking of bringing a little warmth (and humor) to your winter celebrations, you might want to consider some of these options:

1) A personalized mug with a sachet of mulling spices

2) Long fresh cinnamon sticks tied up with ribbon

3) Packages of gourmet hot chocolate mixes (dark chocolate, peppermint, etc.)

4) A snowflake-shaped cookie cutter for each guest

5) Give each guest a pair of knitted white mittens with the date of your wedding embroidered or stitched into them

6) Embroidered earmuffs

7) Postcards of hot summer destinations. You could write something like, “We should have gotten married here!” on them.

8) Snow Globes

9) Personalized chap stick

10) Novelty ice cubes

You get the idea...When you have a broad theme (like one of the seasons) to work with, it's easy to come up with ideas for winter wedding favors.



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