Wild Wedding Favors

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Can you give me some good animal-themed wedding favor ideas?

Wild Wedding Favors

If you plan on having a wild wedding, why not extend that thought to the wedding favors? Anything that grows, lives, or comes from the wild is fair game. If you're getting married in the hot Caribbean sun, turn tiny wooden exotic birds into wedding favors. The best part is you can probably buy them right at the local gift shop.

There are lots of ways to incorporate animals into your wedding theme, and just as many ways to take that theme and turn it into wedding favors. You don't have to be getting married at an exotic location either. Feel like Tarzan and Jane? Give jungle gifts as wedding favors! You might consider giving each a guest a pass to the local zoo, wooden animal masks, animal key chains, animal shaped bath soaps, or even small, framed animal prints that you've created yourself. Just use a rubber stamp of an animal and lightly color it in using artist quality color pencils.

Of course, an animal theme wedding favor will end up as just another wedding favor unless it has good memories attached to it. Keep the animal theme woven throughout your wedding. Throw a few animal-themed songs into the dance mix. Hang a few “vines” for when the party really starts to pick up speed, and make sure to wear a leopard skin garter! At the end of the day, your guests will take home their wedding favors with lots of stories to go with them.



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