Place Card Holder Favors

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How can I turn a place card holder into an actual place card holder favor?

Place Card Holder Favors

Say “place card holders” and we all think of the same plastic or metal clip that holds a little card with your name on it at the dining room table of a formal party. You don't typically think of tiny teapots, mini shoes, purses, or seashells. Yet these are all place card holders used in weddings. If tiny teapots holding slips of paper with your friends' names on them isn't your cup of tea (pun intended), why not turn the place card holders into place card holders favors by adding more than just names to them. Slide individually packaged specialty teabags into the place card holders favors for a unique wedding favor idea, especially if you're using teapot place card holders.

Try to match ideas with whatever type of place card holder favors you're using. Using tiny shoes or purses as place card holders? Create a miniature calendar page and tuck it into the place card. Circle your wedding date and invite guests to “walk” over to your place for a visit on your first anniversary date.

Place card holders make great wedding table decorations and can easily be turned into the actual wedding favor itself with a little creativity.



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