Beach Wedding Favors

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What are some off-beat ideas for beach wedding favors?

Beach Wedding Favors

If you're having a beach wedding, chances are your wedding is going to be fairly informal. You'll want your beach wedding favors to reflect the day, but before you start digging up seashells and collecting sand samples to give to your guests, do a little research first. It may actually be illegal to take sand, rocks, shells, etc. from the beach. If you're getting married on a beach outside of the U.S. or Canada, it may be illegal to try and bring back some of the goodies you've found on the beach.

Not to worry though, there are many beach wedding favor ideas that won't land you in jail or paying a hefty fine. If you're looking for something a little off-beat, wild, or wacky, consider some of these beach wedding favors:

1) Give your guests a relaxation CD of the sound of crashing waves, the cries of gulls, rain, etc.

2) Shark fin novelty gifts. With a little sleuthing, you might be able to find something like shark fin book ends, shark fin paperweights, etc.

3) Dulce. What's that, you ask? Dulce is actually edible seaweed. It has a high nutritional value and can be bought at the local grocer. It's got a dry, leaf-like texture, making it easy to put into little containers for your guests. This “vegetable of the sea” is said to be a powerhouse for nutrition and longevity, so include a note explaining what dulce is, what it's used for, and how the promise of longevity ties into your promise of sharing a life together.

For more ideas on beach wedding favors, just sit back and think about the beach. Plastic pails & shovels, beach blankets, suntan lotion, and jellyfish are all part of the beach experience that can be incorporated into neat beach wedding favors.



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