Groomsmen Gifts: Sentimental or Funny?

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Is there a list of unusual or different groomsmen gifts I can buy?

Groomsmen Gifts: Sentimental or Funny?

Gifts for groomsmen are easy to find if you're going the traditional route. If you're looking for ideas that are a little different from all the rest, decide first if you want to give the kind of gift that serves as a keepsake, something practical, or a gag gift. What you decide will probably have a lot to do with the kind of wedding you're going to have. If it's highly informal or alternative, a crazy gag gift might be the perfect choice. If it's a straight-laced formal wedding, it's probably not a good idea to give the groomsmen engraved dog poop.

There are all kinds of gift ideas for groomsmen that are off the beaten track. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

1) Lottery tickets or Scratch and Win tickets.

2) Maid services (a whole year's worth of service might be too costly, but you could hire someone to do a one-day through cleaning for each of the groomsmen)

3) A bottle of whiskey, rum, or vodka with a set of glasses.

4) Engraved car mats.

5) A burned CD with all of their favorite music.

6) A bucket-O-chocolate (or just a whole lot of chocolate)

7) An educational toy like a “My First Chemistry Kit”

8) A toy doctor's kit

9) A gigantic bag of caramel popcorn (or other flavors)

The groomsmen wedding gifts are only as funny as you make them. A lot of the presentation involves the build-up before you actually give the gift, the commentary afterwards, and the amount of money you're willing (or not willing) to pay.



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