Unique Groomsmen Gifts To Remember

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I'd rather not give the groomsmen gifts while the wedding guests are still around. How should I handle that?

Unique Groomsmen Gifts To Remember

Can't think of any unique groomsmen gifts? There's nothing wrong with giving handkerchiefs or gold-plated watches, that is if you want to be boring! Chances are you're pretty close to the groomsmen and you've probably shared everything from pizza to viruses with them. What could you possibly get them that they don't already have? Some gifts for groomsmen can be given before the wedding, after the wedding, in private, or in public. For these creative groomsmen gifts you're going to want to do it in public, preferably in front of all of your wedding guests.

Here's the setup:

If you're having any kind of formal or semi-formal wedding, the time is going to come for speeches. Nobody really likes speeches, especially long, drawn out, melodramatic ones. However, you're going to want to start out that way to pull this off. Let everyone know how much you love your groomsmen, how much they mean to you, yada yada yada. Wait until your parents or in-laws well up with tears, and then go for the gusto. At this point, let your guests know that you took great care in inviting every single former girlfriend of your groomsmen and, as a special gift to them, you've asked them to return every personal item they ever took from the men.

Cue the girls.

(Now, this will have to be planned ahead of time because you're going to need to make sure as many women in the audience [all ages, including great-great nanny] have the props they need.)

On your cue, the women can all get up and bring their props to the groomsmen. Some prop ideas include:

  • A baseball bat
  • A couple of empty syringes
  • Yarn and knitting needles
  • A blood pressure cuff
  • A couple of television remote controls
  • A big ball of aluminum foil
  • Pee-Wee Herman videos (or something equally weird)

Save the best groomsmen gifts for the end of the day, when everything has quieted down. That is if they'll still speak to you.



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