Cheap Groomsman Gifts

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Is it possible to find cheap groomsman gifts?

Cheap Groomsman Gifts

Don't believe what people tell you. Cheap groomsmen gifts are not tacky. Why is it when you change that phrase to “creative groomsmen gifts” it doesn't seem so bad? Okay, so get creative! For these gift ideas, you only need about $5.

Nothing screams “cheap groomsmen gift” like fake money. Visit a dollar store or toy shop and get a nice, crisp million dollar bill to give your groomsmen. The funniest thing isn't so much in the gift (although that is funny), but in the delivery of the gift. Build a speech around how much you know your groomsmen are worth, that you've been paying them all these years to be your friends, and that you're hoping a million dollars will keep them your friends for a few more hours.

Chocolate-flavored toothpicks. Why not? Just melt some chocolate, stick the toothpicks in it, allow to harden, and give as gifts! What groomsmen wouldn't want to stick chocolate between his teeth?

Home-made gift certificates are perfect, creative, and cheap. Type them up on the computer and include things like:

a) One lawn mowing (make sure to put a good disclaimer so you can easily get out of actually mowing the lawn, like “must be reimbursed within ten minutes”)

b) Will walk your dog twice. Disclaimer: Must be on a leap year.

c) Will pay for a week's worth of dry cleaning: Disclaimer: Must have a legit note from the doctor saying you have Avian Flu.

d) Will clean your garage on any Saturday of your choice (must be a rainy Saturday on a day when there are nothing but re-runs on television).

You see? Cheap doesn't have to mean tacky (although it can if you want it to!). So get working on those cheap groomsmen gifts.



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