Unique Groomsmen Gifts

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How can I really personalize the gifts for my groomsmen?

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Are your groomsmen built for speed? Why not give them a gift that speaks to their high energy needs? Maybe your groomsmen are more laid-back and relaxed. If that's the case, you could buy them something to suit that lifestyle, like a neck massager. There are a lot of unique groomsmen gifts you can purchase, and they don't all have to be the same. If your groomsmen all have really different personalities and lifestyles, you can mix up the gift-giving to reflect that. Try to match your groomsmen's personalities with the ones listed below for an idea of appropriate (or inappropriate depending on how you look at it) and unique groomsmen gifts

THE WARBLER – Can't really make a decision on anything.

  • A stopwatch. Tell him he has to practice making meaningful decisions by using the stopwatch.
  • A framed definition of the word Yes and No so that he can refer to it when faced with making a decision.

THE HOT-HEAD – Is easily angered and figures he has the right to complain (loudly) whenever he wants to.

  • An ice pack for the frequent headaches he must get.
  • A yoga video to practice relaxation exercises

THE COMEDIAN – This guy's the life of the party (or at least he thinks he is!).

  • His own laugh track. Can't find one? Get your friends together and tape yourselves laughing.
  • A microphone (toy or real) so that he can practice his material in front of his bathroom mirror.

THE LADIES MAN – This guy constantly brags about his dates and figures he can get just about anybody he wants to.

  • Condoms (flavored, colored, extra large ribbed)
  • Really cheap hair gel (try to convince him it's the latest thing for men).

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