Beer Baskets As Groomsmen Gifts

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How can I incorporate beer into my groomsmen gifts?

Beer Baskets As Groomsmen Gifts

Fruit baskets are neat, but they're probably not what your groomsmen are looking for. So why not turn the idea of a fruit basket into beer baskets? What better groomsmen gifts than that? By the time you're finished, the gift will look nothing like a fruit basket at all. Instead of using last year's Easter basket to fill, use something like a garbage pail (maybe a racing car themed garbage pail, or something like that). You can stuff a lot of beer in a garbage pail, so unless you want to spend a lot of money on your groomsmen gifts, start popping mounds of popcorn to fill in the spaces. Here's an idea of stuff you can put in the “beer basket”:

  • Beer – duh! If you know what each guy likes, aim to put a six-pack of bottles or cans of their favorite brew into the pail. You could also mix two or three different brands together.
  • Potato Chips. You gotta have chips with beer!
  • A rubber chicken. Why not?
  • Stick a TV Guide or a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition into the pail.
  • Beer nuts.
  • Peanuts – unshelled and loose. Just throw a couple handfuls into the pail.
  • Fake food (think things like rubber pizza slices – you can buy them in the kids' toys section)
  • Stick a couple of coupons for free pizza, free movie rentals, or anything along those lines into the pail.
  • A can of beans and a manual can opener
  • If you want these guys to be friends forever, don't forget their dogs (if they have any). You might want to toss a couple of dog bones into the “beer basket” as well.

The best unique groomsmen gifts are ones they can actually use. The best thing about a beer basket is that it can be tailor made to suit your groomsmen's personalities.



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