Give a Gift of Choice

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Why give a wedding gift basket?

Give a Gift of Choice

A wedding gift basket is easy to put together and can really be quite personal if you take the time to pick the right items. The best thing about putting together a wedding gift basket is that it doesn't require a huge financial investment to create a great gift. Wedding gift baskets are personal, fun and inexpensive.

Designing your own wedding gift basket begins by picking out the wicker basket. You can locate baskets at a number of different stores and locations. Once you've located the basket, you can take fabric remnants to dress up the basket. Depending on the wedding, you can base the color scheme of the basket on the couple has selected for their wedding. You can also adopt some part of their wedding themes. For example, a tropical wedding theme might lean towards a more tropical fabric to use on lining the basket.

Once you have your basket set up and the fabric remnant set up lining the basket, now it's time to begin filling it with various items for the bridal couples. You can go for things like matching watches, monogrammed handkerchiefs, homemade cookies, fresh breads, candles and more. You can theme the wedding gift basket and include in it all the right things for an evening picnic or movie night or more.

The beauty of a wedding gift basket is you can put just about anything into it and create whatever theme you want to for it without breaking the bank.



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