Shopping Wedding Gowns

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How do you shop for the wedding gown?

Shopping Wedding Gowns

Planning to get married? Have you started shopping for your wedding gown? Shopping for wedding gowns is not an activity that you put off to the last minute. For the bride who wants to custom order her dress, most designers take 12 to 24 weeks to fill a special order. The minimum time before your wedding that you should begin shopping for your wedding gowns is 6 to 9 months ahead of time.

When shopping for wedding gowns, if you feel completely out of your depth – find a bridal consultant at a wedding dress shop and put them to work for you. Pick up copies of bridal magazines and flip through them. Look for ideas that you like and ideas that you don't. Your wedding gowns may look nothing like what is in those magazines, but by going through them and cutting out pictures, you may very well discover what you don't want - and that's a great place to start.

Don't be surprised if you don't find the wedding gown you like on the
first trip. Once you know what your wedding dress is going to be it
will be time to start looking into bridesmaid dresses; once again –
take your time and remember, this is your day. If you decide to special order the wedding gowns, be prepared to put down a significant deposit to begin the process. It's also worth mentioning that special orders are generally non-refundable or returnable so be sure that it's the dress you want when you make your order.



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