Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: Love Gloves?

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Should I wear gloves with my dress?

Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: Love Gloves?

Choosing your wedding dress is one step, but deciding on the accents to your wedding dress is the next. Wearing gloves is an option for many brides and gloves can certainly add to the romance of the bride's appearance. There are many different glove styles out there to choose from. The style of gloves should complement your wedding dress, but they should also flatter the bride.

When choosing your gloves for your wedding dress there is four basic glove lengths and styles to choose from:

  • Opera Gloves: Long and climb up the length of the arm. These are wonderful accents to the sleeveless wedding dress.
  • Elbow Gloves: Similiar to Opera Gloves, only the gloves only extend to elbow. The elbow glove offers another fairytale accent to a wedding dress with sleeves and off the shoulder wedding dresses.
  • Classic Gloves: Come up along the forearm, but do not quite cover the elbow. This is a
    more traditional glove length and works well with most wedding dress
  • Short Gloves: The short glove is a very slight glove that just comes up over the bride's hand. They are extremely feminine.

Choosing a glove as an accessory to your wedding dress is an elegant addition, but it's one that should be made with care. The gloves should also allow for slipping on the wedding ring to the ring finger. The shorter gloves are easier to remove during the wedding reception for eating. It's also worth mentioning that the elegance of gloves are usually reserved for formal weddings



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