Tuxedos, Cumberbunds & Top Hats, Oh My!

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How do you shop for men’s wedding attire?

Tuxedos, Cumberbunds & Top Hats, Oh My!

When it comes to choosing the men™s wedding attire, it™s important that the bride and groom not only agree on what the men are going to wear, but that the attire they are looking for is available. Unlike the bride, the men are not expected to purchase their wedding attire and keep it forever. In fact, in many cases, a man may never wear a tux in his life before or after the day he gets married. Rentals are more than acceptable. Rental or not, great care goes into selecting the men™s wedding attire.

Tuxedos are always in fashion whether it's morning, midday or evening. The level of formality will dictate the style of the tuxedo. Colors include off-white, gray, white and black. Cummerbunds are great because the cummerbund color can match that of the bridesmaids' dresses as can the actual tie or cravat. Accessories for the bridegroom, groomsmen and best man should include cufflinks, leather shoes and a boutonniere. The groom's boutonniere should match the bride's bouquet.

When shopping for a suit rental, make sure all of the men's wedding attire is rented from the same location. This will ensure that the style, color and accessories are the same. It's also important to make sure that rentals are confirmed at least three to five weeks ahead of time and that the men present themselves for one fitting in case a suit needs to be altered. In the event of traveling for a destination wedding, the men's wedding attire should be rented from the same place the groom and groomsmen are coming from in order to avoid mix-ups during arrival. While tuxedos are standard, it's perfectly acceptable for men's wedding attire to reflect the theme or style of the wedding. That means casual dress for a casual wedding, costume for a themed or costumed wedding and more.



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