Sundresses & Open Collars

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What is the difference between informal and casual wedding attire?

Sundresses & Open Collars

A casual wedding can be elegant and beautiful. A casual wedding embraces a relaxing atmosphere that seems a mix between a backyard family barbecue and Christmas dinner. The kids run around and make noise. The adults mingle and seating is all together rather than separated out.

Casual wedding attire is exactly that – it's casual. It's not the formal morning suit and big skirted white dress. Sundresses and open collars dominate the day. Casual wedding attire may include jeans and t-shirts, shorts and tank tops or even swim suits, but it's a good idea to check with the bride and groom first before downplaying your attire. The idea behind a casual wedding is to come as you are and celebrate the matrimony between two people. Some popular casual wedding attire for brides include:

  • Wearing a bridesmaid dress in a different color
  • Wearing a sundress
  • Wearing a casual dress or pant suit
  • Jeans, Khaki or Swimsuits
Bridal couples choose casual wedding attire for any number of reasons. They may choose it because it makes their wedding that much more affordable if they aren't spending hundreds of dollars on tux rentals and bridal dresses. They may choose it because they are going for a low key feeling of a backyard wedding. Some couples choose casual wedding attire because they want to spend their money on an extended honeymoon or a house. The great thing is that casual can be charming, fancy and engaging. If you are choosing to go the casual wedding route, let it reflect your personalities and tastes rather than worrying about matching all the bells, whistles and traditional expectations associated with a wedding.



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