Christmas Wedding Favor Ideas

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What are some ideas for a Christmas wedding favors?

Christmas Wedding Favor Ideas

The Christmas wedding is probably one of the most romantic settings to host a wedding in and offers some remarkable wedding favor ideas for your Christmas wedding planning. Wedding invitations can be in the form of Christmas Cards while your ceremony and reception areas can be wreathed in Christmas decorations in gold, green, silver or red. Poinsettias are your flowers. Wreaths will look perfect on the ends of every aisle.

At the reception, don't worry about a gift table. Instead incorporate a Christmas tree where guests can leave their wedding presents. Your wedding favor ideas for a Christmas themed wedding can include, but are far from limited to:

  • Ornaments
  • Christmas Presents
  • Christmas Cookies
Consider serving turkey and the trimmings for the reception dinner and maybe even hiring a Santa to visit the festivities or to be the Master of the Ceremonies. This is your wedding and you can decorate it in any theme you choose and make it as Christmas festive or as traditional as you choose. Weddings are fun events and a Christmas wedding and your Christmas wedding favor ideas are numerous. Have fun with it and enjoy the beauty and the serenity of combining the best day of your life with one of the best holidays in the year.



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