Make Your Own Wedding Favors

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How can you save money on your wedding?

Make Your Own Wedding Favors

Weddings can be very expensive. Whether you do all the planning yourself, including making the food for the reception, hosting the wedding in your home or yard and setting up the floral arrangements yourself, you are going to be spending money. The more guests you have, the more expensive the wedding will be. One of the ways you can save money at your wedding is to make your own wedding favors.

Homemade wedding favors can include such charming ideas as the votive candle holder. These are very simple and yet look classical in their setting on the guest tables. If you like chocolate, you can wander through the craft stores and find a series of different things that you can place your chocolates in such as glass slippers.

Another popular idea for homemade wedding favors is bottles of decorative sand. While this may not sound like much of a favor, consider the fact that the wedding favor should reflect some aspect of the wedding. If the wedding is as beach ceremony and the reception is hosted with decorations of seashells and ocean themes, a bottle of decorative sand is the ideal. That's the beauty of making your own wedding favors, they can tell the story you want them to tell and accent the theme you want it to accent.



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